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We provide quality service for ALL major and minor repairs!

Regular Preventative Maintenance – Mileage or countdown based services keep your new car warranty in effect, and insures reliable performance for years.

Computer Diagnostics – A check engine light and/or emissions problems can affect gas mileage, how your engine runs, delay annual state registration, and even result in fines. We can identify and correct these problems.

Brake Systems – We ensure your braking power by inspecting and replacing brake pads, machining or replacing brake rotors, as well as inspection, repair, and replacement of hydraulic or electronic components in the Antilock Braking System and Traction Control Systems.

Ignition System – Diagnostics and repair of all elements of the ignition system, whether traditional distributor, coil, wire type, or the latest Distributor-less Ignition System (DIS).

Electrical system – Diagnosis and repair of all electrical systems including starting, charging, lighting, and all other accessories.

Heating and Cooling Systems – Inspection and repair or replacement of A/C compressor, dryer, condenser, heater cores, heater valves and hoses.

Steering – Inspection and repair of all steering components such as: power steering pumps, hoses, steering racks, tie rod ends, plus complete four wheel alignment.

Suspension – Installation of new shocks or struts, replacement of ball joints, control arm bushings and/or suspension arms. Replacement of wheel bearings, C.V. axles and joints.

Engine – We can install new, remanufactured or pre-owned engine assemblies.

Transmission – Automatic and manual transmission service or replacement, as well as clutch replacement.

Mufflers and exhaust systems – Replacement or repair of catalytic converters, pipes and mufflers.

Auto Glass Replacement – Replacement of windshields and side windows, as well as electric window regulators, motors, and switches.

Extended warranty repairs – We will work with most extended warranty companies to be sure you are reimbursed for repairs covered by your warranty.

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