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Oil change intervals: How long is too long?

Oil Change Intervals At Motorcars International we take pride in providing accurate information. When it comes to your vehicle, we understand the importance of proper service and preventive care to keep your car in tip-top shape. Oil Change Intervals should always depend on mileage, not your car’s dashboard computer. Many newer cars incorporate some sort of […]
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ASA AutoInc. Top10 Website

To stay on top of the latest in the automotive repair industry, we at Motorcars have always sought out industry-leading organizations to associate with.  One of those is the Automotive Service Association, or ASA.  The ASA “advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation, and member services. ASA shop members are […]
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Motorcars International has a long history of servicing BMWs. They are our first passion and personal favorite cars to drive! When we started out, BMW was just gaining a foothold in the US market and options for knowledgeable repair were slim. Our original shop, Munich West, was one of the first places in Atlanta to […]
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Driving habits that lead to more repair and maintenance

Some of us are “aggressive” drivers. Some are more tentative. The way we drive can be the result of many factors: personality, the way we learned, where we live, etc. Depending on how you drive, you could be contributing to more wear and tear on your vehicle, necessitating more frequent repair and maintenance. We’re not […]
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